Our Culture Of Respect means that:

  • Everyone feels welcome and supported.
  • We celebrate diversity including abilities, gender, identity and cultural backgrounds.
  • We treat everyone with empathy, dignity and respect, and expect the same in return.
  • We all communicate in a constructive and diplomatic way.
  • You will respect yourself and honor your journey to become a better musician and artist.
  • We remain aware that we are each at a different point in our artistic and personal development.
  • Everyone should be a role model for our Culture Of Respect.

MRYIM will not condone actions or communication that harms, disrupts or upsets others unnecessarily.  Where alcohol is served, we expect that everyone models responsible consumption.  MRYIM (Ranges Events, and the Ranges Music Network) has a legal and moral responsibility to protect our employees and volunteers from any form of inappropriate or unacceptable behaviour.

We always reserve the right not to work with anyone, or refuse entry to anyone who does not support our Culture Of Respect.

Should any party be in breach of our policies they should expect that:

  • Offenders will receive one written warning, or a verbal warning where written communication is not possible
  • Offenders will then be suspended from participation until the situation can be formally reviewed by a representative board including 2 staff and a minimum of 1 youth and 1 parent representative that are not involved in the matter being reviewed.
  • The assessment of the representative board will be communicated to all parties involved.

Where it is necessary to convene a representative board to review an individual or group’s conduct:

  • We expect that everyone will share their perspective and recollections honestly.
  • We expect that everyone will listen openly and without judgement or prejudice to everyone’s point of view.
  • We expect that the representative board will validate and accept everyone’s perception of the situation as honest.
  • The representative board will review everyone’s reflection and weigh this within the context of our published policies.

If you have any questions about our Culture Of Respect policy please get in touch at info@mryim.au.

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